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Our company was established with the aim of providing comprehensive help to foreign citizens and companies with findig the right property in Hungary. We welcome all those who would like to live or invest in our country either on temporary or long term. We are convinced that our clients can save plenty of energy, money and time by commissioning our well experienced colleagues of sufficient local knowledge with all steps from finding an appartment, house or office towards movement and contract translation.

Our services include finding the right rental property or condominium in the whole are of Hungary, nevertheless, its personal inspection and the preparation and foreign language translation of the contract before the arrival of our client. Besides finding the appropriate appartment, house or office, we provide help with door-to-door movement, searching for school or job and authority administration, as well. We kindly offer to our partners to transport them from the airport, railway station or bus station to their prospective flat or house upon their arrival. Naturally, we help with any other questions or issues which can make your staying in Hungary more comfortable and enjoyable, such as questing health, sport, cultural and entertaining opportunities.

The main aim of ours is to provide unhurried and smooth circumstances to you to get your desired property in Hungary. This mission of ours is based on the multiple years’ experience, proficiency, tough local knowledge, flexible and friendly attitude of our team. The most important for us is to prepare the best living or investment conditions and circumstances to you, as far as possible, before your arrival to Hungary.

We sincerely hope that we can soon welcome You, your Family and Friends among our partners and we can make the first step together towards your life in Hungary.