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Find a job

Our agency is glad to help you with finding a job in Hungary which suits your qualification, work experience and other requirements. The current job market is especially favourable for employees, therefore, there is barely anyone who does not find a job opportunity. In our point of view, there is no reason of fear of not finding a job as a foreigner in Hungary because plenty of multinational companies search for employees speaking foreign languages, even without advanced diploma or relevant job experience. As a foreign speaker, you can enjoy advantage against other Hungarian workers.

Finding a job is exclusively a supplementary service for all those who commission us with finding a property in Hungary. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a job offer from any of the companies but, naturally, we strongly support you by finding the best opportunities.

The process of finding a job is as follows:

  1. You can order to find a job for you on the call for offer
  2. You will receive a written offer to the given e-mail address within 1 day. We start the preparations at the moment that you accept the offer
  3. Our colleagues will contact you within 1 day after the acceptance of price offer in regard to your English language curriculum vitae, motivational letter and desired jobs
  4. As we receive the needed documents from you, we send you a list of 50 Hungarian job opportunities, or as many as possible if there are less available, with brief description within 1 day
  5. We tranlate your English CV and motivation letter to Hungarian language since most Hungarian corporations request these documents in domestic language
  6. We send your application along with your CV and motivation letter to the selected job opportunities. Employers will contact you within a couple of days.