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Find a school

We have found out this service for all those who would like to find the best primary school or secondary school for their family before their arrival to Hungary. There are numerous English, German and French bilingual school in the bigger cities, nevertheless, the number of Russian and Chinese language educational institutes is increasing, as well. 

Finding a school is a supplementary service for all those clients who commission us with finding a property in Hungary.

Public educational institutes are all free in Hungary, they provide opportunity for all those who take successful entrance or equivalency examination. Moreover, there are a couple of private institutes which offer education opportunities of the highest standard. Their tuition fee move on a scale from approximately 200 Euro to 18.000 Euro. The school year starts in September and lasts until June with 3 weeks vacation between.

It is very important that the application procedure to a secondary school must be started in time since the needed documents must be handed in in prior year’s December. It is enough to do all these steps in August in case of applying to an elementary school in Hungary. The regulations of private institutes are different.

The steps of finding a school are as follows:

  1. You can order this supplementary service on the call of offer
  2. You will receive a written offer to the given e-mail address within 1 day. We start the preparations at the moment that you accept the offer
  3. We send you a list of 10 educational institutes, or as many as possible if there are less available, with photos and the most important parameters within 1 day
  4. We personally visit the 3 best schools you select. We make sure about the location, environment and condition.  We contact the management of the selected school personally or via telephone and discuss the most important questions
  5. We will be present at the enrolment and help you with Hungarian-English interpretation and anwsering questions